Greetings of Dobong-gu Mayor

Make a Better Tomorrow with People!

Hello, the residents of Dobong-gu!

I am Dongjin Lee, the chief of Dobong-gu, elected by the 6th popular vote.
First of all, I wish to express my deepest thanks to all residents for the faith of reelecting me as the chief of Dobong-gu.
I have been able to achieve the promising changes with your unwavering support in the past four years.
I will continue to challenge to reorganize the value of the future for Dobong-gu based on these promising changes over the next four years.

People come first.” This is the core value of the 6th elections. I promise to devote to building up the better community while keeping to basics.

Four strategies for the better future of Dobong-gu are as follows:
First, we will build up an economic city full of vitality by developing the Center of Chang-dong New Economy and inviting a general hospital.
Second, we will create an educational and cultural city with dignity through a designated educational renovation district and an overall belt covering history, culture and tourism.
Third, we will develop an ecological and welfare city which balances people and nature with turning Dobong-gu into a place for ecology and healing and promoting social welfare programs that equally benefit the community.
Fourth, with developing crime prevention programs and constructing a year-round disaster management system, we will make a safe and secure city guarding your everyday life.

I’ll do my best to develop the community as a new center of northeastern Seoul. I’ll keep working together with the residents and pool our wisdom to make the city of Dobong coveted by Seoul after four years.

Lee Dong-Jin Mayor of Dobong-gu