Street Course 4

It is a course where people can appreciate natural scape and history as there are many writings left on rocks by scholars who have worked in Dobong Seowon.

Course 4: Dobong Seowon and roads of writings on rocks

Dobongsan stationexploration support centerDobong Dongmun (Writings on rocks)Gahakru and Yongjudam, Pildongam (Writings on rocks)Jeil Dongcheon(Writings on rocks), Yeondangul, Manseokdae (Writings on rocks)Muwudae, Jewol Gwangpung(Writings on rocks)→ Yeomrakjeongpa (Writings on rocks)Gosan Angji, Gwangpung Jewol (Writings on rocks)Dobong SeowonBukhodongcheon(Writings on rocks)Moonsadong(Writings on rocks)(Moonsadong fall)

Map of history and culture road

Photos of history and culture road