Street Course 2

There are many tombs of royal families in Joseon Dynasty as the district has tomb of princdess Jeongui, the second daughter of King Sejong, and the tomb of her husband, and tombs of decendants of Younghaegun, a son of King Sejong, and tombe of princess Uiryeong, a daughter of Taejo Lee Sung-gye and her husband.

Course 2: Roads around tombs of Musugol Royal Relatives

Depart in front of Tomb of princess JeonguiGuirok Gyesan, Wawunpok (Writings on rocks)Tomb of Jeongju Lee family's Younghaegun(Tombe of Yeonghaegun-Tomb of Youngchungun-Tomb of Wanchungun)Tomb of GeumdongjiTomb of princess Uiryeong, and her husband Gyecheonwi Yideung

Map of history and culture road

Photos of history and culture road